Undergraduate Programmes

SIIMT University College offers dynamic undergraduate programmes, providing unparalleled hands-on experience for a transformative learning journey.


Practical Training

Bridging knowledge with experience, shaping skills, and preparing for real-world success

Industry Experts

Students learn from industry experts, shaping skills for real-world success and job market.

Updated Syllabus

Our syllabus enriches learning, fostering skills, and prepares students for a brighter future

SIIMT Undergraduate Programmes
BSc Information Security by SIIMT - Undergraduate Programmes

BSc in Information Security

4 Year - 8 semesters

Gain expertise in Information Security with a focused degree, defending against digital threats in this dynamic, high-demand field

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BSc Information Technology by SIIMT - Undergraduate Programmes

BSc in Information Technology

4 Year - 8 semesters

Explore tech's forefront with a Degree in Information Technology, mastering coding, networking, and digital solutions for the future.

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BSc Data Science by SIIMT - Undergraduate Programmes

BSc in Data Science

4 Year - 8 semester

Accelerate your career with a Data Science degree, mastering analytics and unlocking insights in today's data-driven world.

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FAQ related to Undergraduate Programmes

FAQ related to Undergraduate Programmes

1. How to apply for Undergraduate Programmes?

To apply for Undergraduate Programmes at SIIMT, click here

2. What does Undergraduate Programmes mean?

Undergraduate Programmes refer to educational programs that lead to a bachelor's degree. These programs cover a range of subjects and are typically pursued after completing high school. Learn more on Wikipedia

3. What is an undergraduate study programme?

It is an study programme which is a structured course of study leading to a bachelor's degree. It includes a combination of general education and major-specific courses.

4. What is undergraduate programme in Ghana?

It is an academic programmes that students pursue to earn a bachelor's degree in Ghana. These programmes are offered by various universities and cover diverse fields of study. GhanaWeb - Education

5. What is an undergraduate example?

An undergraduate example is a specific bachelor's degree program, such as a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science or a Bachelor of Arts in English. Study.com - Undergraduate Majors

Ghana's premier IT University College Lead by Indian Experts

SIIMT University College holds accreditation from GTEC and CTVET. Our degree programs are affiliated with the University of Cape Coast, while our professional courses are developed in collaboration with InfraSecurities, a prominent Indian IT company.

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We are a Ghana-based university college with Indian expertise, delivering practical training led by industry experts. Our courses feature an updated syllabus to ensure a contemporary and relevant learning experience.