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We are a leading Indian University College based in Ghana

Practical Training

Bridging knowledge with experience, shaping skills, and preparing for real-world success

Industry Experts

Students learn from industry experts, shaping skills for real-world success and job market.

Updated Syllabus

Our syllabus enriches learning, fostering skills, and prepares students for a brighter future

Our Programs

We offer Degree, Diploma & Short Courses

We are a GTEC & CTVET Accredited University College 
  • Our Degree Courses are Affiliated with the University Of Cape Coast
  • Our Diploma and Certificate programs are collaborated with International Partner InfraSecurities  
BSc Cyber Security by SIIMT

BSc in Cyber Security

4 Years - 8 semesters

Elevate your career with a cutting-edge Degree in Cyber Security – safeguarding the digital frontier

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BSc Information Technology by SIIMT

BSc in Information Technology

4 Years - 8 semesters

Master data analysis with our comprehensive Data Analytics Course. Real-world skills for a data-driven world.

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Diploma in Data analytics by SIIMT

Diploma in Data Analytics

8 months or 4 months fast-track

Transform insights into action with our Data Analytics Course – mastering analytics for real-world impact.

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Diploma in Cyber Security by SIIMT

Diploma in Cyber Security

1 Year or 6 months fastrack

Comprehensive Cyber Security Course: Master the digital landscape, safeguard systems, and defend against threats.

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Diploma in Software Engineering by SIIMT

Graphic Design Masterclass

3 months

Unleash creativity with our Graphic Design Course: Blend artistry and technology for impactful visual storytelling.

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Amazon Certified Cloud Computer Expert by SIIMT

Cloud Computing (AWS)

3 months

Elevate your career with our transformative Cloud Computing Course – mastering innovation, efficiency, and scalability.

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Diploma in Network Engineering

Diploma in Network Eng.

6 months

Master protocols, configurations, and security for robust, efficient network infrastructure.

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Digital Marketing Masterclass by SIIMT

Digital Marketing Masterclass

2 months

Master digital landscapes with our comprehensive course, driving success through strategic marketing proficiency

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Accredited BY

Ghana Tertiary Education Commission

International Partner

InfraSecurities, India

Affiliated To

University Of Cape Coast

Accredited BY

Commission for Technical and Vocational Education and Training


Accreditation, Affiliation and Partners


Here are the testimonials from our students about their experiences at SIIMT.

Reviews given by Students on Google

Ibrahim Salifu

Software Engineering Student
I joined SIIMT to study IT with economics background. The first word of encouragement l was given is "Background is not a barrier to study IT". Within this few months my knowledge gained in IT is a testimony. They have good learning environment with experience lecturers to teach to your understanding. I don't regret joining the SIIMT family and l encourage all fellow students with interest in IT to join the SIIMT Family

Anyizah Wisdom

SIIMT Student
SIIMT is a marveled Information Technology college I had ever met in Ghana my country and have my time with, full of practical teaching and learning.

Enock Adu

SIIMT Student
Highly qualified and experience lecturers providing insightful and quality education in all respective fields with a flexible and affordable fees payment model. Thumbs up SIIMT University College for bringing out the best in me.

Ibrahim Iddriss

SIIMT Student
SIIMT will give you value for your money, they are very considerate and apart from the lessons, I have learnt a lot the value of life. They are motivators also. They encourage you the reason to survive. I learnt a lot about cyber security and other techniques in computer literacy. Thank you SIIMT

Izideen Tijani

SIIMT Student
SIIMT is a great place to learn. Tutors/Instructors have in depth appreciation of subject matter and demonstrate so appropriately. Programmes and courses are scheduled flexibly enabling all class of people to participate.

Eben Ansah-Yalley

SIIMT Student
SIIMT College has well-prepared learning materials from basics that gradually advance to on-hand working examples that teach one how things function in the current world of work. I am definitely growing my skills and experience here. Great for anyone who wants to find or build on an IT-related career.